Skydome: Players can now pre-register for the Closed Beta!

The 4 vs 4 tower defense battle arena invites their players to apply for their Closed Beta phase, starting on April 27. Skydome is developed by Kinship Entertainment and will be published by gamigo in Europe and North America this year.

Hamburg, April 23, 2021 – gamigo is excited to announce the opening of the Closed Beta for their innovative online game Skydome! Every player can apply now for one of the coveted spots. The closed beta will start on April 27 - from this date and in the following weeks, selected applicants will receive their access codes to the game. Consisting of a seamless blend between MOBA and tower defense, Skydome is a unique experience that plays unlike any other.  

Skydome is an ever-growing world filled to the brim with gripping stories and diverse characters. Players must assemble a team of skilled heroes to defend their base and crush enemy walls while completing rewarding side objectives. The outcome of a match depends on everyone. Players and their friends must outsmart and outbattle their opponents in this match of wits. From Skydome, the temple floating high in the skies, its Champions are sent out to fight armies and monsters across the universe, using their own individual strategies and skills to create defenses and towers which help them dominate over their opponents. No two Champions are alike, giving players the opportunity to explore new abilities, defense towers and strategies with each hero.    

In Skydome, players delve right into fast paced isometric action matches, with thrilling challenges waiting around every corner. Depending on each playstyle, players can craft elaborate strategies in teams of four or face the battle heads on by utilizing special intervention skills to sabotage their opponents. Deathmazes, magic portals, and time manipulation are all part of a player’s strategy to become the ultimate champion in this epic tower-defense battle arena.  

Main Features:  

  • A roster of diverse Champions with their own unique skills and powers   
  • Fast paced, isometric 3D action strategy gameplay  
  • Players can deploy walls and towers to fortify their map  
  • Use of intervention skills to directly disrupt enemy defenses   
  • MOBA-style jungle areas with unique boss monsters  
  • Invasion System: Defeat waves of monsters invading your territory and fight your enemies by utilizing buffs, extra troops and more  
  • 4 vs 4 Multiplayer Matches: team up with your allies to outsmart your competition  
  • Seasonal ranking system on release date  

gamigo and Kinship Entertainment will provide ample content throughout the different launch phases of the game and after release. Over time, they will provide players with new gameplay elements, additional Champions, maps and much more.     

Further insights into the new title will be shared in the upcoming weeks on the game's official website.   

Product Sheet:

Skydome_Product Sheet sheet_Ver_01.pdf - 4 MB
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