Echo of Soul – Phoenix: Make way for the new content update

Echo of Soul – Phoenix: Make way for the new content update

Hamburg, March 28, 2018 – The phoenix firebird is approaching with some promising innovations: Action MMO Echo of Soul - Phoenix, published in December 2017, is once again receiving a new content update, including numerous features and improvements.

Players can prepare themselves for four brand-new Solo Dungeons (Vagrant's Copse II, Necromancers' Den I, Soulkeeper's Challenge, and Doomspire Keep), as well as two new Party Dungeons (Lost Crypt and Shadowflame Mine).

In addition, the maximum of all game levels has been raised from 74 to 78 levels. All Soulkeepers can now explore the brand-new field “Land of Dreams” and proof their skills in the new raid “Ironfire Mountain”.

On top of this, the “Ghost Tiger Magic Lamp” has been added to the item shop, and a new Snow Seal is hiding inside the dimension boxes.

Just in time for this year’s Easter festivities, the new patch comes with a very special event: Monsters are dropping golden and silver Easter eggs which need to be collected. Only those who collect enough eggs in their Easter basket can mix them up to receive a precious rainbow egg, promising numerous rewards. Players can take part in this egg hunt until April 25.

Selection of features in Echo of Soul - Phoenix:

  • Free-to-play fantasy MMORPG
  • More than 2600 quests and events
  • Seven different classes, such as Warriors, Scoundrels, and Rangers
  • Various dungeons for each player type
  • Innovative soul system
  • Action-packed PvP and PvE battles
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